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CBD + CBG Custom Product Formulations

A custom formulation is a product created exclusively for your company, meeting your exact specifications. The formula might vary in complexity, from a single ingredient to several different components. The process may be a slight variation of an existing product, or it may involve the development of an entirely new and innovative product from scratch. The order size might graze minimum requirements, or it could max out our machinery for a day. CBD Energy Labs provides all types of custom CBD and CBG product formulations for our clients and we can assist you in every phase of product development.

1) Planning the Formulation

The most exciting stage in product development is planning, where we allow you to completely customize everything about your product based on the problem it aims to solve and your target market (type of Cannabinoid and amount per dose, other ingredients, bottle size, lid color, label, etc.)

Once we get our custom price quote back to you, it is important to do a complete analysis of your product to make sure it is a viable option for your business. Can you make good margin with this product? What sort of federal regulations do you need to comply with? These are things we can help with.

2) Product Manufacturing

Once we finalize your formulation and label, it's time to hit the laboratory bench. This is where the ingredients are mixed, flavors tested, and lab results verified. As soon as we are happy with the formulation and it meets exact specifications, bottling begins and the products are taken down a line of filling, labeling, capping, and sealing.

3) Quality Check and Preparing the Shipment

As the finished goods roll off the bottling line, quality inspection begins. We ensure that every one of your finished products is consistent before they are wrapped, boxed, and ultimately shipped out. We provide free shipping to one US location, and the tracking number so you have peace of mind about exactly when your order will arrive.

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