Now offering THC Remediation. If you need compliant or THC-free distillate, we can help!

We Aim to set the Benchmark for Hemp Compliance

CBD processing & manufacturing is a new, emerging industry with numerous hazards and harsh chemical exposures. So many new companies are rushing into the industry, that they seem to be careless when it comes to setting protocols, quality assurance, and properly disposing chemicals. At CBD Energy Labs, we understand that a strong commitment to compliance and safety is the foundation of a successful manufacturing business. We strive to ensure that every business decision is guided by our commitment to operate with high safety standards, provide a safe and healthy workplace, and protect the environment, natural resources, and the local community. Just as we are committed to operating safely and complying with applicable laws, regulations and policies, we appreciate and expect equal commitment from our vendors.

Laboratory Protocols

There's a ton of energy that goes in to maintaining fully complaint and transparent hemp manufacturing facility.

  • Quality Management Systems
  • ISO-9001 Quality Standards
  • Adherence to USP 232, 233
  • Following Current Good Manufacturing (cGMP) Practices
  • Master Manufacturing Records
  • Mandatory Employee Training & Performance Testing
  • Advanced Agricultural Practices
  • Quality Assurance After Each Stage
  • Detailed Record Keeping

Third-Party Testing

All CBD products manufactured by CBD Energy Labs are laboratory tested in multiple facilities by third parties to ensure purity, safety, and consistency. We retain the test results to prove it.

We offer only the most bio-available, trusted, and effective solutions. Upon request, we can readily provide our clients with certificate of analysis (COA) for any product they are inquiring about.

Excellence from Start-to-Finish

We look at the quality of our products throughout their whole life-cycle. If you purchased a product from us from the first day we started processing to today, we would be able to identify which batch it was purified from.

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