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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we get all the time!

Which private label products do you offer with CBD Nano Water
The short answer is tinctures and creams. We recently started producing CBD Nano Water tinctures for our clients, and Nano Water pis already used in our skin cream products. Our topicals are mainly water-based, so we needed a water soluble solution for those instances, so that the CBD would mix and disperse better in the topical.
Why should I trust the quality of your products?
We are one of the only CBD manufacturers in the world that has an in-house analytical laboratory. Seriously! We test our products at each stage of production for metals, pesticides, Cannabinoids, and terpenes. We take Quality Control very seriously as no product leaves our lab until it passes all QC checks.
Do you provide samples?
Sure! We are more than happy to provide samples to qualified businesses.
Unfortunately, we will have to charge you a small PayPal fee for the sample. We used to send samples out free, but we get too many calls from random folks just looking for free products.
What about shipping?
Great question. We provide free shipping to one location in the US on all private label + wholesale products.
To our many international clients, we arrange shipping, but you must pay for the delivery.
Do you provide express delivery?
Of course. We understand that the circumstances for each customer are different. Some may not need their order for weeks, and others might need it ASAP. We do our best to make sure your order is at your facility, by the time you need it.
We will always be upfront about how quickly we can rush an order based on current manufacturing volumes.
What would cause you to terminate a relationship with a B2B partner?
As long as you are operating with integrity, representing your Company and the CBD Energy Labs brand with class and not making false medical claims on your products, we will have a great relationship.
Thanks for the information, talk soon!
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