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Our Process: Here's How We Create Successful Products

Step 1: Organic Farming

Every product we create starts with proprietary strains of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. All of the hemp we use is grown in nutrient-rich soil near Chicago, IL. Our farmers operate under strict nutrient guidelines and use only industry best practices.

We take advantage of a state-of-the-art farming process that includes the best harvesting equipment and soil nutrients. By using proper nutrients at the exact time our plants need them, our plants grow bigger and our end-products are safer because it allows our crops to be pesticide-free.

Step 2: Raw Hemp Processing

The plants we use are dried and warehoused after they are harvested. When we need a plant for production, it is milled into a coarse powder. The milling process adheres to the highest quality standards in the industry. Once milled, the biomass is put through a supercritical co2 extraction process.

Step 3: CBD Purification

We use a proprietary hemp filtration and purification process. This makes sure that all of hemp’s beneficial phytocannabinoids are preserved while getting rid of unwanted compounds. The result? The highest quality full spectrum hemp oil available. While CBD on its own offers many health benefits, a growing body of research has found that a full spectrum product (a product containing other naturally occurring cannabinoids derived from hemp) leads to multiplying benefits. This is called the Entourage Effect.

Step 4: CBD Isolation

One of the most important steps in our process is to completely isolate the CBD molecules and turn them into powder. This step is only used for certain products like CBD Isolate, and private label products that demand the need for isolate such as creams, vape cartridges, or custom formulations.

Because our CBD Isolate products are 100% THC free, we can ship them across international borders to most countries around the world.

Step 5: Third Party Lab Testing

We test every production run for quality and potency. This makes sure that all of the cannabinoids and phytonutrients are consistent and pure.

Every batch gets put through testing after every stage of the process in our in-house laboratory. When the batch passes, it receives an internal Certificate of Analysis that we make available to our customers. We also use third-party labs on a weekly basis to verify and confirm batch potency.

Step 6: Product Formulation

To stay at the forefront of a rapidly growing CBD industry, we are constantly experimenting with new products and creating innovative formulations for our B2B wholesale, private label, and white label partners. We have some very interesting CBD consumer product formulations in the works!

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