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CBG Isolate Powder (+99%)

This highly-purified CBG distillate oil is extracted at our lab in Colorado from organically-grown hemp. Our full spectrum CBG distillate has a golden honey appearance with a high viscosity, and can be very susceptible to crystallization. This distillate contains 85 – 90% total cannabinoids, usually with 4-6% in minors such as CBD, CBN, CBC. Testing documents of the particular batch are included with all shipments.

Bulk CBG Isolate

CBD Energy Labs has recently become a leader in CBG refinement. With access to over 1,000,000 lbs of CBG biomass, we are increasingly purchasing high quality CBG biomass as the demand for our wholesale isolate continues to grow.

The ability to create bulk CBG isolate came from months of internal testing on a pilot scale, tweaking parameters on our CO2, WFE, and Reactor units, dialing in each one to cater to the unique characteristics and boiling point of Cannabigerol.

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